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Precision Technology Consulting provides technology commercialization resources for companies and technology transfer offices worldwide across many different industries. The Precision Technology approach is rooted in a deep appreciation and understanding of how good science and innovation serves as the proper foundation for optimal commercialization and public benefit.




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Companies of all sizes can benefit from the variety of resources offered by Precision Technology Consulting, even companies that are still in the formation stage. These are just a few examples of the resources that are available.

Business Plan Development

Strategic Planning

Fund Raising

Customer Acquisition

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer offices around the world can all agree that there is not enough time in the day to get everything done, and most would love the ability to hire more people – but there just usually isn’t the budget available to increase staff. This is where Precision Technology Consulting can help. We offer a variety of scalable solutions for some of the most time-consuming parts of the job, leaving you and your staff to focus on getting technologies licensed and on their way to the market.

Holistic Technology Transfer™

As technology licensing offices become less transactional and assume more business development responsibilities to create higher value-add, it is necessary to understand the entire set of activities linked to effective technology transfer. HOLISTIC TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER™ considers the technology management timeline as a whole and connected process. Click through to learn more about this process.

Technology Marketing

Marketing is absolutely critical to technology transfer success. Without it, you are guaranteed to have technology assets sit in your portfolio without ever realizing their public and economic benefit. Marketing takes many forms, so a robust marketing plan should account for all the different ways that new technologies can be promoted. Pull marketing can be established through good relationships with industry, entrepreneurs, and investors. Push marketing ensures that you are putting the right information in front of the right people at the right time. Click here to view an easy and scalable dynamic push marketing program that you can adapt and integrate for your own use.

Online Technology Disclosure

Many technology transfer operations are looking to make it easier for their clients to disclose new innovations in a more efficient manner. Online technology disclosure forms are becoming a great go-to solution for exactly this. Click through to see a sample online technology disclosure form that could be modified for your own use.